Inside Higher Ed Cartoon Caption Contest


Debuting in September, 2012, Inside Higher Ed invites readers to submit captions for a captionless cartoon I draw each month. Winners not only receive a signed copy of the cartoon but also an Amazon gift certificate. For more info and to enter the latest contest, click here.


* Coming 2013 *

I Will Now Set Myself On Fire -- 10 Years of Higher Ed Cartoons

For 10 years, I've created 100's of cartoons about higher education for a variety of publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed, . This fall, a collection of the very best of the bunch will be published in book (print ) form. Please Check Back for Upcoming Pre-Order & Order Info. In the meantime, here's a few samples. There'll be more to come!



Again, check back soon, there's more sample cartoons to come!




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